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There is hope for the future

With all the doom and gloom going on around the world, with the threats of climate change and biodiversity devastation, Dr Jane Goodall, arguably the worlds’ best known conservation expert, said that while all these burning issues are truly alarming, “there still is time” to turn things around. “Every single one of us have some impact on the planet every single day, and, certainly, we have the choice as to what kind of impact we’re going to make.”

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At Wits, we understand that support and development are key to the success and well-being of our postgraduate students. This is why we offer a variety of services ranging from a Health and Wellness Centre to a Postgraduate Students’ Association that will support your academic and professional development. Push the boundaries of knowledge. Tackle fundamental research questions. Produce publications of the highest quality. Blend teaching and research.

2024 Postgraduate Orientation